A thunderstorm, a car crash, some anxiety medication and a lot of cake.

 Tears and screams followed by laughing and hysterical dancing.

 To try and sum up this wedding is to ask someone to give you a brief history of the universe. I will try and keep it short by simply saying that this was probably that one wedding that I will be referencing one day in my memoirs as the one that changed everything. When Tanya jokes about Jan Harm asking her to marry him and 5 minutes later asking if I could be the photographer, i have the biggest smile beaming from ear to ear. These are friends that trusted me with more than the photographic documentation of their wedding day. They trusted me to be their friend as well as their photographer as well as their videographer, yes you read that correctly…

 This wedding was my first dip in the pool of wedding videography, alongside doing the photography, Jan Harm bullied me into the best “worst” decision I have ever made. Doing photos and video at the same time is an impossible task, or so everyone told me, but Jan Harm and Tanya, for some bizarre reason, had absolute faith in my yet to be seen abilities. I for one wouldn’t advise any photographer to attempt this, I aged about 15 years in 24 hours. But I can’t even start to explain my excitement in sharing all of this wedding.

 Jan Harm and Tanya aren’t just gorgeous people. No they are inside and out two of the best human beings I have had the privilege to come in contact with, I gained two profound friendships from this wedding and I am incredibly blessed to have been trusted by these two. I really hope you can see the fun we had, and the amazing couple that they are. If that is all that these photographs document, then that is a good days work in my book.

 And please go see their wedding video here

Venue: The Stone Cellar, Heidelberg
Hair: Zania Oosthuizen
Make Up: Elaine Ruhling
The Dress: Lady Marmalaide
Cakes: Petit Fours Bryanston
Band: Marcato


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