Those Photos Photography – the Epilogue

I have a very weird feeling as I type this post. It’s not good and it’s not bad… it just is what it is.
I have sadness in me as well as great excitement. A new season has begun in my life and with that realization I am announcing that I will no longer be taking in any new Photography commissions, be it Lifestyle, Wedding, Corporate or anything else. This has been something that has been creeping up on me for the past year or so.

My life has been one big lead up to the point where I am now, a place where I have the opportunity to pursue my true dream career, one in the film industry. Thus the pursuit of anything but that, would pull me in different directions, and to be a master at anything would require 100% of your dedication. I have always been a Jack of all trades, but now I wish to be master of one…

Make no mistake, I will continue to take photos, but from hereon that will be for me, and my closest friends and family.
I have loved photography and I will continue to love photography, it is a part of my DNA, I cant help but fall in love with a little spot of light that beams through a thick forest canopy, or a reflection that casts some deeper metaphor onto the subject.

I have been blessed with many amazing weddings and some truly great clients throughout my time as a photographer, and I wish to say thank you to you all for allowing me into your homes, your lives and into your most treasured memories!

*Specifically I have made a list, this will be at the end of this post.

This job has given me friends and colleagues that I will carry into the next season of my life. It has been some kind of adventure and I am incredibly grateful for the experiences that I have had.

*I won’t kill the page (just yet) because I believe it to be a part of my story and I like the fact that the proof is there…
But the page may grow silent, even more than it already has, so if you wish to leave this little part of my story in the past, no hard feelings for the unlikes.
But if you choose to still see a little bit of my journey every now and then, keep it on your likes list, maybe I’ll post something every now and then.
I still have a couple of weddings in the works before the end of the year, and let me tell you, I wish to go out with a bang! So those final few clients – you know who you are – get ready for a Grand FINALE!!

And to those of you that stuck it out reading this whole monologue, I applaud you, you may want to follow the next season of my life… You can find that here…

Thanks for being awesome human beings

My thank you’s will stretch far and wide, and I hope to those who muster through this list, you will find something for you.

My first thanks, beyond all is to my God, my creator, my Savior, My Jesus. He has been there… His Spirit has been there all along. Guiding me and teaching me.
He made my heart one that would never settle for something that is less than, and He has willed me onto the path that I am on, taking each step alongside me and showing me when to turn off and when to stay the course.

Secondly I have to thank my family, my parents and a large chunk of relatives that have always liked posts and cheered me on. My Mom and Dad specifically for raising their eyebrows when I originally started this journey, but allowing me to do it anyway. Trusting me and the journey God had put me on. And a great thanx to my sister for being an inspiration in her ambitions and being a support on my own journey

Now for the more point to point Thank you’s.
Jannes, for allowing me to shoot my first wedding with him, trusting me in that small but significant role.

Ariami and Deon for letting their wedding be the first one I ever shot on my own.

Sam, for sitting next to me at Vega, laughing our butts off as we stated “we will never be wedding photographers!”. And also for being one of the most special friends I ever had.

Heleen, Renée and Annelise, for sitting with me while I was still studying Architecture, contemplating where I was going with my life!

Rassie, for just being that friend that is always there… always. We can not speak for months on end and then just pick up where we left off. I love that about our friendship. It brings me great joy!

Jacques, for showing me that Wedding Films could be something out of this world!! And for being such a cool guy and letting me pick your brain from time to time, meeting you put the first water on seeds that had been planted long ago for film, and your amazing work reopened my eyes to my original dream.

Geani and Juan, for getting White Motion to shoot your wedding film alongside my photography, you played a key role in this journey by allowing me to work with Ian and Corné on that day!

Zandri, for giving me a Vega brochure way back when. It is quite poetic that your wedding would be the last one I shoot. I am overly excited!

Jan-harm, for being like a brother to me in this. He allowed me to have his wedding be the first video I shot, and he also assisted me on #2 and #3. And to Tanya, his amazing wife! She trusted me with her memories, with no idea if I would give them back to her.

Jo, for being an absolute rock on that faithful day. Calming me down when I nearly imploded. You were something of a hero in my eyes that day. Also I thank you for assisting me on two of the most fun weddings I shot to date, just because I knew that my friend was there, and for believing in me and my dreams.

NICO!!! Oh my word, I could write an entire novel about our journey. This guy assisted me on like 75% of my weddings and even came with me to the video side! He is an absolute treasure, a friend so close to my heart that I want to cry when I think about the fact that you are now on the other side of the world. I miss you so much and I am so grateful! You taught me a lot about life my friend!!

Jana, vrek! What a mentor, friend, confidant, just awesome human being. Your support and investment in my life has made me rethink things over and over again, your trust in me and my abilities gave me hope that I could actually do video. You have given me so much to think about, the friday nights in Potch have become something that I became excited about because I would get to chat to you and hear your opinions. I have no real words for what you have brought into my life. All I can say is that God is a perfect God because he sent someone like you across my path.

Im, you have listened to me moan, you have listened to me bitch, you have watched me cry and you have been there the whole time. I am grateful to have a friend like you in my life that just keeps on eating up all I dish out and I continue to be grateful.

Izaan, I realized how invested you were in me when you started referring to specific moments in my films that were your favourite parts. Thanks for watching them, and thanks for being a support system when I needed one the most.

Corné, for shooting with me, showing me the ropes of a white motion wedding. For being a real friend and partner in the industry. You have been a real influence and I am grateful to have had you next to me while learning this new thing

Judith, my friend, you have been such a jewel. You saw something in me when I didn’t even see it myself, you trusted me with your clients. And you continue to push me forward. I am grateful for friends like you, for allowing me into your world, and not just giving me referrals but letting me come over for coffee when life is just a bit dark and twisty. And for introducing me to Deon, who has also brought so much!!

Adi, Heh… This could also go on for a while. although our journey has been short, I have never in my life… no words. You are so talented and so immensely inspirational that I cannot start to express the impact that the last month has had on me. I was dumbstruck by your presence the first time we worked together in Dullstroom way back when, I remember thinking, geezelike she can tell a story like nobodies business! You can ask Nico how much we wanted to just somehow work with you, we were talking about it for about an hour in the ride back to pretoria, and now you have chosen me to come into the fold? How did that even happen? once again I have to go back to Jana, for recommending me for the job! Your family has taken me on a journey I could not have ever foreseen. Adi, I am so excited for what the future holds! And now I get to call you a friend as well?
How cool am I??


Ai Karamba, where to start? I think you must know that I am probably your biggest fan. But more than praising your work and thanking you for being a mentor, I want to thank you for investing in me. For doing it not because you would get something out of it, but doing it because you are just that kind of person, someone that just invests in people. You have brought so much into my life, forcing me in a way to be better than I ever thought I could be. You are a rock, a master of your craft, you never stop pushing yourself and that in part has pushed me to do the same, never stop learning. Never stop giving. Never stop! You have changed my life and I thank God every chance I get for giving me a place in the Nieuwenhuizen circle! You guys are amazing~

All the fans. There are so many more people, all the clients, the fellow photographers… I could go on forever. I know I am going to remember people as the time goes by, sorry if I missed you. But please know that I am truly grateful for every last person that has had some part of my journey to this point. I can’t believe this part of my journey is done, but I can believe that the next will be one even more filled with awesome people… 

And that’s it. With that I say goodbye to new bookings and on the 21st of October I will shoot my final wedding photos. I will let the last few months roll over me and let it all sink in but it has been quite the adventure. I hope it has brought inspiration to some of you, the last 5 years will stay close to my heart



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